Celebrate the Korean Kulinaria

For the very 1st time in India, The Korean Kulinaria – Korean Food Festival was being celebrated in New Delhi. Korean food is one of the healthiest cuisines round the world. Indulge in this unique culinarian as exclusive Korean Chefs – Jeonghyeyoon, Kimdonghee, Leeyounsun and Parkjonghyn served delicacies of their land at EROS Hotel, Nehru place- New Delhi. The initiative was taken by Korean Cultural Centre (KCC), New Delhi in order to strengthen the Indo- Korean relationship.  


If your taste bud is interested in varieties try cooking Korean food which is not only considered as most healthy food but also has variety to offer both in vegetarian and non vegetarian food.

There are two main process of preparing Korean Food; one is pickling process and another is boiling process. They believe in a lot of pickling process. One of the main ingredient of Korean food is Kimchi, which is Korean Cabbage also called Napa Cabbage. There are over 180 variety of Kimchi. Here in India it is commonly called as Chinese cabbage. Apart of making kimchi from Chinese cabbage, Kimchi is also prepared from radishes, mustard greens, scallions, or cucumber. They fill cucumber and then they pickle it. Kimchi from the northern parts of Korea tend to have less salt and red chilli and usually do not include brined seafood for seasoning. Northern kimchi often has a watery consistency. Kimchi made in the southern parts of Korea, such as Jeolla-do and Gyeongsang-do, uses salt, chilli peppers and myeolchijeot.


In Korean food if you order one main course, this will be served with at least 5 -8 kimchi, rice and pickles. Unlike in India, where you order daal, vegetables, meat separately there you order the main dish and all the other complimentary course come along side.  That’s the main concept of Cuisine in Korea. In terms of meats, one of the most popular meats is pork and second is chicken. Most of the street food of Korea, you will find small joints wherein they serve fried chicken something very similar to the KFC. The only difference is after frying they toss it in a sauce – dipping sauce, which is again different in variety, some are sweet some are spicy and then it is sprinkled with sesame seeds, this is fried chicken for Korean people which they enjoy with beers and other drinks.


More than 35 verities of Korean food were presented at EROS to taste which included Seaweed Chips (GIM Bugak),Walnut & Dried persimmon (Hudugotgam Ssam), Bibimbab, Delux Rice(yeongyangbab), Sweet Pumpkin porridge (Danhobak –Juk), Ginseng Chicken Soup (Samgyetang), Kimchi stew (Kimchi jjigae), Fried Chicken (dak-gangjeong), Spicy Stir –Fried Chicken (Dak-galbi), Kimchi Pan Cake (Kimchi Jeon), Squash pancake (hobak Jeon), Glass Noodles with Sauteed Vegetables and Seafoods (haemul Japchae), Mung Bean Jelly with vegetables (Tangpyeong Chae), Fried Ginseng (Insamtwigim), Fried sweet Anchovy, Pickled Celely, Pickled Chilli, Honey Cookies, Persimmon Rice Cakes, Gineng preserved in honey, cucumber kimchi and many more.

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