Inspiring Collection of Pooja Juneja ‘Many Moons Many Moods’

‘Moon is beautiful in all its phases and a woman is beautiful in all her moods’ reflected the heart of Pooja Juneja’s jewellery collection ‘Many Moons, Many Moods’.

Pooja Juneja says that “Beauty is always more intriguing in contrast, just like a woman. What is concealed enhances the beauty of what’s in focus. In reality moon is always full – the imagery of crescent is created by light and disguise. Similarly we try to tell a story of mesmerizing and intriguing beauty by using contrast and delicate balance of elements that coexist.”

About ‘Many Moons, Many Moods’ Collection: – A crescent is the shape of the lit side of any spherical body, like the moon. It is beauty in contrast – wherein light shining on one part makes it stand out in contrast from the rest – the stark contrast brought about by the pure whiteness of the shining crescent of the moon against the pitch darkness of the rest.

Crescents change with time and so do moods of a woman. Sometimes she is charming, sometimes mischievous; sometimes she is silly, sometimes innocent; sometimes she is timid, sometimes bold.  So many forms of the same person and seamless transformations before you realise.

Beautifully crafted masterpieces are styling statements of today’s urban woman – rich in feel, relaxed in herself, sensually luxurious and gracefully flaunting her elegant flair.

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